Guitar Intensive Workshops: Coming to a City Near You

Students performing at Guitar Intensive Workshops

Students performing at Guitar Intensive Workshops

The Guitar Intensive Workshops

Coming to a City Near You

The Guitar Intensive Workshops will be starting in the summer of 2014. This workshop will be for guitarists and bass players, and will concentrate primarily on Jazz, Blues, Rock. We will also be bring in specialists in fingerpicking, folk, country, etc., if we get enough students interested in these styles. So please let us know what you want to study and we will try to accommodate your requests. One thing we can assure you is that no matter what your interests are, you will find that our Workshop gives you what you need to know. This Workshop isn’t just a load of lectures and demos. You will work from required text books that will be available as free downloads. This not only makes the entire experience more affordable, but allows you to have concrete information that you can take home with you to study in the future. We will also be filming these clinics, so attending students will be able to refer back to the videos to catch things they might have missed. These videos will also be for sale for those of you who didn’t have the chance to join us. In addition, our core course instructor, Bruce Arnold will preside over our online interactive Alumni Lounge where chats and questions can keep the info flowing past the end of the Workshop and year round. Our primary faculty members are: Mimi FoxAlex SkolnickStuart Hamm and Bruce Arnold and we will soon be announcing the complete list of educators.

Guitar Intensive Workshop Performance at Gibson Sound Stage

Guitar Intensive Workshop Performance at Gibson Sound Stage

We also offer a wide range of master classes and performances that are scheduled weekly, providing essential experience in playing out and with others. The courses and ensemble programs focus on developing a solid foundation in music theory, performance and sight-reading. The camp climaxes with a series of full fledged, formal concerts for students, with the participation of the educators.

These intensives will be located throughout the USA and then expanded globally over time. If you have an interest in this intensive, please shoot us an email, and tell us what major cities are near you.

You will find more specific information on the Guitar Intensive Workshops including: locations, courses, private instruction, ensembles, required books, daily events, application and audition information, meals and housing, fees and age requirements along with the bios of the participating faculty on this website as it develops.

Unlike most summer guitar programs The Guitar and Bass Intensive Workshops will be presented with a highly organized approach to music. Much of the information presented is not available in any other college program or course. All courses are college level but are presented so that most high school age students will have no problem with comprehension. All instructors at these intensives have a proven record of educational expertise. Their music educational skills run the gamut from creating and running whole music programs at the college and pre-college level to music instructional books and DVDs. These clinicians also are seasoned live and studio recording bassists and guitarists, with impressive reputations and credentials.


  1. Can’t wait to attend one of these workshops. Please let me know when you get your schedule. Very much looking forward to working with these clinicians.



  2. Linden Morris Delrio

    This kind of thing is really needed for anyone who wants to take their playing to the next level. I can hardly wait. Vancouver please! Montreal and Toronto too! Do let me know when you are scheduling so I can make plans to attend! Awesome!

  3. Mimi, Alex and the rest…WOW!!!

  4. I’m from Los Angeles and definitely interested.

  5. Yes! I’ve been waiting for something like this for years. A high quality workshop with top pros that comes to you. Can’t wait!

  6. These workshops sound fantastic, the instructors as well as the structure. Keep me posted, I’d love to attend.

    • Thanks Michael, We went to NAMM and got a very good reception to our Guitar Intensive Workshop so we are hopefully that companies will support the project with some scholarships for students. Stay tune…

  7. Hope the sessions workout and I’ll look forward to taking part once they reach Japan! Good luck.

  8. Any chance of coming to Africa? Windhoek, Namibia to be exact

  9. Hi Bruce,

    Just wondering if you could post some general info regarding your workshop such as cost, typical schedule, and locations. Thanks

    • Currently we are looking into 4 locations. Let me know which ones work for you or maybe they all do if you don’t mind traveling.

      Catskills NY retreat

      I think the cost will be between 1500.00 and 2000.00 for 4 to 5 days. This will most likely not include any private lessons though I’m thinking about giving a 1/2 hour lesson with me for free because I’ll be teaching many of the core courses and I basically need to find out what you need to better serve you. The schedule will run from 10am to 12pm with a one hour lunch break then 1 to 4 or 5pm. Will include some core courses and you will be placed in these depending upon your level. Then they were be these “specialty” classes taught by Alex Skolnick, Stuart Hamm, Mimi Fox and most likely a few other well known players on specific techniques like solo guitar playing etc. I’m also hoping to have sight reading ensemble classes. You will also prepare to perform either once or multiple times in a various concert series most likely in duet format but depending on your ability you may be performing with the previously mention artists. Best thing I could recommend is to get started now preparing for these workshops because they will be serious and really targeted towards your weak points and not just a “let’s have fun all the time type of workshop.” As you can tell from my books and courses at and I’m serious about music education. We are currently setting up the Bruce Arnold Foundation which will be the umbrella non-profit for these workshops. We are hoping to offer scholarships for these workshops to needy musicians that can’t afford all or part of the cost. The people chosen for these scholarships are those students that show the most willingness to work. In other words it’s not about your ability it’s about your drive and effort to improve yourself and to realize what it takes to become a great musician. So if you are serious about becoming a great musician I think the best thing would be to start preparing now. This will help you rank higher when you audition, get into the higher level classes but overall it will improve your ability which of course is the bottom line.

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